Our 25th Year
  • CAT # CCD-4559-25

    1. 4 B.C. 7:46
    2. Imagination 6:58
    3. What Am I Hear For? 5:15
    4. Just Tell Me Yes Or No 4:04
    5. Riffs I Have Known 7:48
    6. T.O. 2 8:16
    7. Nightfall 2:43
    8. Broadway 6:51
    9. My Bells 5:22
    10. Flying Home 2:53

This album was recorded to celebrate The Boss Brass’s twenty-fifth year as a band.

The album features Rob McConnell, Moe Koffman, John Johnson, Eugene Amaro, Rick Wilkins, Bob Leonard, Arnie Chycoski, Steve McDade, John MacLeod, Guido Basso, Dave Woods, Alastair Kay, Bob Livingston, Jerry Johnson, Ernie Pattison, Gary Pattison, James MacDonald, Don Thompson, Ed Bickert, Steve Wallace, Terry Clarke, and Brian Leonard.

The album was recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on March 29 & 30, 1993.

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