The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook, Vol. 1

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

The Eddie Lockjaw Davis Cookbook Vol 1 PRCD 30009 2
  • CAT # PRCD-30009-25

    1. Have Horn, Will Blow 5:11
    2. The Chef 6:01
    3. But Beautiful 7:43
    4. In The Kitchen 12:52
    5. Three Deuces 5:01
    6. But Beautiful 7:28
    7. Avalon 3:34

Tenor saxophonist Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis had been a pioneer of the organ/tenor format for nearly a decade, and had featured the talented Shirley Scott in person and on record since 1955, but the present album (his first for Prestige) was truly something else. By adding woodwind wizard Jerome Richardson as a guest artist and featuring him primarily on flute, an unusual and instantly popular ensemble texture was born that would lead to two further volumes of Davis’ soulful musical recipes. Everyone plays with the deepest feeling throughout, and Richardson switches to tenor for a brief bit of battling with the leader on “Three Deuces.” Thanks to the recent discovery of the stereo master tapes, this RVG reissue marks the first appearance of the classic album in true stereo, and also includes a new alternate take of “But Beautiful” as well as the bonus track “Avalon.”

“I was the engineer on the recording sessions and I also made the masters for the original LP issues of these albums. Since the advent of the CD, other people have been making the masters. Mastering is the final step in the process of creating the sound of the finished product. Now, thanks to the folks at the Concord Music Group who have given me the opportunity to remaster these albums, I can present my versions of the music on CD using modern technology. I remember the sessions well, I remember how the musicians wanted to sound, and I remember their reactions to the playbacks. Today, I feel strongly that I am their messenger.”

—Rudy Van Gelder

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