Party Time

Arnett Cobb

Party Time
  • CAT # OJCCD-219-25

    1. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 5:48
    2. Lonesome Road 3:57
    3. Blues In The Closet 4:20
    4. Party Time 5:55
    5. Flying Home 5:15
    6. The Slow Poke 6:52
    7. Cocktails For Two 5:14

At the time he recorded this album in 1957, Arnett Cobb was in the process of rebounding from a serious automobile accident that broke both his legs. Cobb's indomitable spirit shines through in these tracks, whether he is calmly preaching on "When My Dream Boat Comes Home," grooving down the "Lonesome Road," or roaring through the song that is almost as closely associated with him as it is with Illinois Jacquet--"Flying Home."
There are plenty of good blues, too, and pianist Ray Bryant's eloquence in this idiom is well exposed. Ray Barretto's conga adds another flavor to the rhythm section, especially on "Cocktails for Two."

with Ray Bryant, Wendell Marshall, Arthur Taylor, Ray Barretto

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