Passions, Illusions & Fantasies

Roberto Perera

Passions Illusions Fantasies
  • CAT # OXCD3013-25

    1. Passions, Illusions & Fantasies 4:28
    2. O Que Sera 3:29
    3. Caricias 4:43
    4. Untitled 5:48
    5. The Love We Share 4:51
    6. Ponteio 7:40
    7. Caribbean Sunset 4:14
    8. Preludio De P.A.S. 1:54
    9. P.A.S. 5:55
    10. Como Te Puedo Olividar? 4:12

Paraguayan harpist Roberto Perera's debut album on the Heads Up label, titled Passions, Illusions & Fantasies, features Perera's Miami-based group and world-renowned steel drum master, Othello Moleniux.

Perera describes this music as "... mainly a mix of contemporary instrumental jazz and pop with a Latin flavor ... a little of everything - salsa, reggae and bossa nova." These disparate forms backdrop Perera's entwining rhythmic focus, woven from Paraguayan guaranias, Uruguayan milongas, and Brazilian candombes.

Othello, known for his work with Jaco Pastorious, gives Perera's compositions added textural depth. "I've wanted to work with Othello for a long time," says Perera. "His sound is so original and he's able to intelligently fuse all the different rhythms regardless of their origins."

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