Plays The Arrangements And Compositions Of Gigi Gryce And Quincy Jones

Art Farmer Septet

Plays The Arrangements And Compositions Of Gigi Gr
  • CAT # OJCCD-054-25

    1. Mau Mau 5:15
    2. Work Of Art 5:46
    3. The Little Bandmaster 4:06
    4. Up In Quincy's Room 4:00
    5. Wildwood 2:55
    6. Evening In Paris 2:41
    7. Elephant Walk 3:25
    8. Tiajuana 4:52
    9. When Your Lover Has Gone 6:41

In the early Fifties Art Farmer was strictly a trumpeter, but the mellowness associated with his later work on flugelhorn was easily discernible then, too. The July 1953 session with his fellow members of the Lionel Hampton band was the taking-the-boy-out-of-California. The June 1954 date, with the same instrumentation (Jimmy Cleveland is the trombonist in both groups), contains the early results of the New Yorkification of the man. The common thread (perhaps a strong rope) linking the two sessions are the arrangements of Quincy Jones and Gigi Gryce. Jones has five charts and Gryce three. These two were among the brightest young writers of the time. Quincy went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood while Gigi dropped out to the anonymity of the Long Island education system before he died in his native Florida early in 1983.

with Jimmy Cleveland, Cliff Solomon, Oscar Estell, Quincy Jones, Monk Montgomery, Sonny Johnson, Wynton Kelly, Addison Farmer, Herb Lovelle

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