Plays Well With Others

Wayne Bergeron

Plays Well With Others
  • CAT # CCD-30032-25

    1. Endless Torture (Tortura Sin Fin) 8:13
    2. Maynard & Waynard 7:01
    3. Scheherazade 4:53
    4. You Go To My Head 6:35
    5. Georgia 5:44
    6. Samba Brassiliero 4:54
    7. High Clouds And A Good Chance Of Wayne 5:58
    8. Requiems 6:16
    9. You Hid What In The Sousaphone? 6:17
    10. The Hipster 7:05
Wayne Bergeron is one of the most in-demand and most often-recorded lead trumpet players in Los Angeles . His new CD, Plays Well with Others, features the dynamic trumpet player fronting his own thrilling, powerful big band. The recording also features legendary trumpeter Maynard Ferguson as a special guest on the track “Maynard and Waynard.” Bergeron’s previous CD release—You Call This a Living?—scored a GRAMMY® nomination for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album. Yamaha—one of the world’s largest and most-respected musical instrument manufacturers—will soon release the new Yamaha custom “Wayne Bergeron model” trumpet.

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