Portrait Of A Groove


Portrait Of A Groove
  • CAT # 83331-25

    1. Portrait of a Groove 4:40
    2. Can I Get That Funk 4:16
    3. Luv Uncondishunal 4:52
    4. Dreamtyme 5:16
    5. Every Day and Every Minute 5:14
    6. Just Anotha Day 4:55
    7. 'Swing 4:12
    8. Strange Love 6:05
    9. Last Night 4:48
    10. Soundscape 7:15

This debut CD by the group Bluezeum takes the new Telarc Jazz Zone label into the world of acid jazz. Portrait of a Groove is a tour through a musical museum of spoken word, hip hop, jazz, funk and blues.

With a style that blends sensuality, grace, calm and humor, spoken word performance artist Adwin furnishes verse so full of imagery that it intimately and directly cuts to the core of spirituality, sexuality and the social condition.

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Bluezeum returns with a second recording that combines poetic lyrics with a home-brewed brand of funk, jazz and the blues. More