Power To The People [Keepnews Collection]

Joe Henderson

Power To The People Keepnews Collection
  • CAT # MCD-30130-25

    1. Black Narcissus 6:49
    2. Afro-Centric 7:02
    3. Opus One-Point-Five 4:55
    4. Isotope 4:51
    5. Power To The People 8:39
    6. Lazy Afternoon 4:31
    7. Foresight And Afterthought 7:31

Remastered in 24-bit from the original master tapes. Part of our Keepnews Collection, which spotlights classic albums originally produced by the legendary Orrin Keepnews.

The only Milestone release in the Keepnews Collection is Henderson’s brilliant electric and acoustic outing with an incredible band of pianist Herbie Hancock (also on keys), bassist Ron Carter (also on electric bass) and drummer Jack DeJohnette. This marks the first time Power to the People has been issued on CD in its own right, other than having its tunes be included in a boxed set. While the tenor saxophonist never got his true recognition until his latter-day career, he recorded extensively for Milestone, including this third outing that Keepnews says offers “some of the most wonderfully, effectively professional music I have ever been involved with.” The disc features the debut recording of the tenor saxophonist’s classic composition, “Black Narcissus.”

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