Pretty Runs Out

Amanda Shaw

Pretty Runs Out
  • CAT # 11661-3257-2

    1. Pretty Runs Out 3:27
    2. Chirmolito 3:10
    3. French Jig 3:13
    4. Brick Wall 3:49
    5. I Don't Want to Be Your Friend 4:16
    6. Garden of Eden 4:14
    7. What's Wrong With You? 4:23
    8. McGee's Medley 4:08
    9. Wishing Me Away 4:16
    10. Gone 3:09
    11. Woulda Coulda Shoulda 3:23
    12. Reels: The Gaspé Reel/Sam's Slammer/Imogen's Ridge 4:19
    13. Easy On Your Way Out 3:26

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New Orleans-based fiddler and singer Amanda Shaw brings dazzling new energy to roots-based Louisiana music. Working with material that ranges from traditional fiddle tunes to new originals that embrace both country and rock influences, Amanda and her band, The Cute Guys, create a sound and an attitude that are both authentic and bold.

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