Private Numbers

Veda Brown & Judy Clay

Private Numbers
  • CAT # SCD-88016-25

    1. Private Number 2:41
    2. Love-Eye-Tis 2:40
    3. Bed Of Roses 2:41
    4. Remove These Clouds 3:10
    5. My Baby Specializes 2:50
    6. Left Over Love 2:45
    7. It Ain't Long Enough 3:20
    8. Give Love To Save Love 3:03
    9. It's Me 3:45
    10. Children, Don't Get Weary 3:37
    11. Living A Life Without Love 2:58
    12. Take It Off Her (And Put It On Me) 2:49
    13. I Know It's Not Right (To Be In Love With A Married Man) 3:27
    14. Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You 3:30
    15. Short Stopping 2:22
    16. I Can See Every Woman's Man But Mine 4:10
    17. Don't Start Lovin' Me If You're 3:49
    18. Fever 3:05

As Paul Williams says in his Veda Brown notes, "Every label has at least one of them: the artist who got away." With Judy Clay and Veda Brown, Stax had at least two. Both were powerful singers. Perhaps their deep gospel styles were ahead of their time. Sometimes it comes down to material; sometimes it's just plain circumstance. Judy Clay was lead singer in the Drinkard Singers, while her cousin and aunt, Dionne Warwick and Cissy Houston, sang back-up. Judy had two hits on Stax, "Private Number" and "My Baby Specializes," both duets with William Bell, while Veda had none. This album illustrates why both vocalists deserved far more than they got in their respective careers.

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