Quality Time


Quality Time 11661 7721 2
  • CAT # 11661-7721-2

    1. Nothing Can Stop You 2:46
    2. Let's Take the Vows 3:30
    3. Quality Time 2:18
    4. Mother and Father 2:34
    5. Jealous People 3:44
    6. Love Games 2:02
    7. Secret Admirer 2:30
    8. Equal Rights 2:32
    9. Mrs. Right 2:25
    10. Running from My Love 2:48
    11. We Shouldn't Have to See This 2:16
    12. I See You Through My Window 3:16
    13. Bad Bwoy 2:31
    14. It's You Alone 2:14

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Alpheus. Brand new and exclusive too. Straight from Studio One, a new star in the same firmament as Sugar Minott, Freddie McGregor and Bob Marley. Hand picked and groomed by Jamaica's legendary producer Clement Dodd. Alpheus, a UK transplant, travels between the Lovers Rock of 'Quality Time' to the remake of 'Equal Rights,' mixing a fresh sound on classic Studio One rhythms like 'Lecturer' and 'Throw Me Corn.' Fourteen new and up to date hits from the legendary Studio One label. Alpheus breaks through, compliments of Studio One, full of quality and right on time.

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