Quietly There
  • CAT # OJCCD-1776-25

    1. Quietly There (From The WB Film Harper) 4:26
    2. Emily (From The MGM Picture The Americanization Of Emily) 5:27
    3. Groover Wailin' 5:32
    4. A Time For Love (From The WB Film An American Dream) 5:24
    5. Sure As You're Born (From The WB Film Harper) 3:50
    6. Just A Child 5:37
    7. Keester Parade 3:55
    8. The Shining Sea (From The United Artist Film The Russians Are Coming...The Russians Are Coming) 2:28
    9. Something Different 6:30
    10. The Shadow Of Your Smile 4:53

Bill Perkins was considered by many musicians to be the Lester Young-inspired tenor closest in feeling to the great Pres. This puts Perkins in an especially good position to interpret the music of Johnny Mandel, a composer who favors both lyrical ballads and Basie-style swingers. With Perkins employing four instruments, Victor Feldman three, and John Pisano two, the quintet finds a range of memorable sonorities. Mandel tributes have become more common in recent years (Zoot Sims cut one for Pablo 18 years after this date with the same title), but none has exceeded this eloquent early tribute.

with Victor Feldman, John Pisano, Red Mitchell, Larry Bunker

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