Raffi's Box of Sunshine


Raffis Box of Sunshine
  • CAT # 11661-8093-2

    DISC ONE  
    1. Rise and Shine 2:08
    2. Walk, Walk, Walk 2:14
    3. Thumbelina 1:55
    4. Wheels on the Bus 1:42
    5. Daniel 3:22
    6. Five Little Ducks 2:17
    7. He's Got the Whole World 2:15
    8. Big Beautiful Planet 2:49
    9. I'm in the Mood 3:02
    10. Something in My Shoe 2:33
    11. Michaud 1:29
    12. Nursery Rhyme 1:18
    13. Tete, Epaules
    14. (Let's Do) The Numbers Rumba 2:07
    15. Ducks Like Rain 1:19
    16. Row, Row, Row 1:22
    17. This Little Light of Mine 2:03
    DISC TWO  
    1. Time to Sing 1:44
    2. Apples and Bananas 1:37
    3. Take Me Out to the Ballgame 2:04
    4. Octopus's Garden 2:43
    5. Fais Dodo 1:27
    6. In My Garden 1:47
    7. Riding in an Airplane 2:54
    8. Like Me and You 2:38
    9. Down On Grandpa's Farm 2:42
    10. The Bowling Song 2:05
    11. Tingalayo 3:02
    12. Somewhere In The World 1:38
    13. Walk Outside 2:01
    14. De Colores 2:35
    15. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 1:10
    16. One Light, One Sun 2:07
    1. Bathtime 2:57
    2. Brown Girl in the Ring 2:21
    3. The Little House 1:08
    4. The Mountain Polka 1:28
    5. Savez-vous Planter Des Choux 1:30
    6. Mary Wore Her Red Dress 1:26
    7. Eight Piggies In A Row 1:36
    8. Let's Make Some Noise 3:48
    9. Everything Grows 2:32
    10. Ha Ha Thisaway 1:34
    11. Teddy Bear Hug 2:58
    12. Saturday Morning 2:32
    13. Little White Duck 2:19
    14. Haru Ga Kita 1:40
    15. Just Like the Sun 3:47

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A specially priced gift set, Raffi's Box of Sunshine features 48 songs to nurture the young and the young at heart. Raffi remains North America's top-selling children's musician, with sales of over half a million recordings a year. Compiling Rise and Shine, One Light One Sun, and Everything Grows, this boxed set includes such classic Raffi tracks as 'Time to Sing,' 'Apples and Bananas,' 'Wheels on the Bus,' 'Five Little Ducks,' 'Something in My Shoe,' 'Tingalayo,' and the title tracks from the three albums.


From Rise and Shine, produced by Raffi and Ken Whiteley:
'Rise and Shine,' 'Walk Walk Walk,' 'Thumbelina,' 'Wheels on the Bus,' 'Daniel,' 'Five Little Ducks,' 'He's Got the Whole World,' 'Big Beautiful Planet,' 'I'm in the Mood,' 'Something in My Shoe,' 'Michaud,' 'Nursery Rhyme Instrumental,' 'TĂȘte Epaules,' 'The Numbers Rumba,' 'Ducks Like Rain,' 'Row Row Row,' 'This Little Light of Mine'

From One Light One Sun, produced by Raffi and Ken Whiteley
'Time to Sing,' 'Apples and Bananas,' 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame,' 'Octopus's Garden,' 'Fais Dodo,' 'In My Garden,' 'Riding in an Airplane,' 'Like Me and You,' 'Down on Grandpa's Farm,' 'The Bowling Song,' 'Tingalayo,' 'Somewhere in the World,' 'Walk Outside,' 'De Colores,' 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,' 'One Light One Sun'

From Everything Grows, produced by Raffi
'Bathtime,' 'Brown Girl in the Ring,' 'The Little House,' 'The Mountain Polka,' 'Savez-vous Planter des Chous,' 'Mary Wore Her Red Dress,' 'Eight Piggies in a Row,' 'Let's Make Some Noise,' 'Everything Grows,' 'Ha Ha Thisaway,' 'Teddy Bear Hug,' 'Saturday Morning,' 'Little White Duck,' 'Haru Ga Kita,' 'Just Like the Sun'

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