The SteelDrivers

Reckless MP3
  • CAT # 11661-0624-25

    1. The Reckless Side Of Me 3:13
    2. Good Corn Liquor 3:39
    3. Where Rainbows Never Die 3:49
    4. The Price 4:08
    5. Can You Run 4:57
    6. Peacemaker 4:01
    7. You Put The Hurt On Me 3:44
    8. Midnight On The Mountain 2:40
    9. Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives 2:34
    10. Angel Of The Night 3:59
    11. Higher Than The Wall 3:47
    12. Ghosts Of Mississippi 6:14

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The SteelDrivers return with the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their highly acclaimed self-titled debut. Reckless contains a riveting batch of new songs by ace songwriting team Mike Henderson and Chris Stapleton – songs where bad things keep happening to good people. Moonshiners, runaway slaves, and ghosts of Mississippi are just some of the characters you will encounter on this steel-driven journey from the Blue Ridge to the Delta.

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