Marcus Miller

  • CAT # CJA-33794-02

    1. Detroit 5:44
    2. Redemption 6:09
    3. February 4:15
    4. Slippin’ Into Darkness 9:15
    5. Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song) 6:38
    6. Jekyll & Hyde 6:30
    7. Interlude: Nocturnal Mist 1:16
    8. Revelation 4:46
    9. Mr. Clean 5:01
    10. Gorée (Go-ray) 5:38
    11. CEE-TEE-EYE 7:39
    12. Tightrope 5:46
    13. I'll Be There 3:48

An album entitled Renaissance is long overdue for the widely acclaimed Renaissance Man Marcus Miller. In among the most enviable careers in music, Miller is a two-time GRAMMY®-winner and the composer/producer of ten critically acclaimed and genre-defying albums (seven studio and three live). Even the most devoted follower may be astonished to realize that Renaissance is only his eighth studio project since his 1983 debut, Suddenly, considering the abundance of occasions Miller’s name has appeared within album credits and that he has dazzled with performances, compositions and productions – in the company of some of the world’s most respected and accomplished players and superstars - from the mid-`70s to the present.

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