Respighi: Pines Of Rome, The Birds & Fountains Of Rome

Louis Lane & Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Respighi Pines Of Rome The Birds Fountains Of Rome
  • CAT # 80085-25

    1. Pines of Rome: I. Pines of the Villa Borghese 2:36
    2. Pines of Rome: II. Pines Near a Catacomb 6:30
    3. Pines of Rome: III. Pines of the Janiculum 6:39
    4. Pines of Rome: IV. Pines of the Appian Way 5:05
    5. The Birds: I. Prelude 2:51
    6. The Birds: II. The Dove 4:26
    7. The Birds: III. The Hen 2:57
    8. The Birds: IV. The Nightingale 3:48
    9. The Birds: V. The Cuckoo 4:23
    10. Fountains of Rome: I. Fountain of Valle Giulia at dawn 4:06
    11. Fountains of Rome: II. Triton Fountain at morn 2:28
    12. Fountains of Rome: III. Fountain of Trevi at mid-day 3:16
    13. Fountains of Rome: IV. Villa Medici Fountain at sunset 5:14

"...full richness, without excess...the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are the stars of this show." —Digital Audio

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This spectacular recording, recorded in 1981 and released in 1982, won kudos from the critics for both sound and performance. One of the earliest… More