Revival [ Vinyl Edition ]

John Fogerty

Revival Vinyl Edition
  • CAT # FCD-30001-25

    1. Don’t You Wish It Was True 4:10
    2. Gunslinger 3:31
    3. Creedence Song 3:49
    4. Broken Down Cowboy 3:52
    5. River Is Waiting 3:23
    6. Long Dark Night 3:08
    7. Summer Of Love 3:20
    8. Natural Thing 4:01
    9. It Ain’t Right 1:50
    10. I Can’t Take It No More 1:39
    11. Somebody Help Me 4:28
    12. Longshot 3:36

John's new album is a triumph, with a sound that is at once timeless yet urgently rooted in this time and place. The lyrics recall a continuous conversation with America, a reminder of John's unmatched ability to resonate with people from all walks of life. With a voice that can cut glass and inspire generations, and a band that sounds like it came to tear the roadhouse down, Revival is not just a great John Fogerty album -- and a great rock album -- it's an essential musical work by an artist without peer, that will certainly stand as one of the most compelling albums of 2007.

Only a limited number of these LPs are being pressed and you won't want to miss out on what is sure to become a killer collector's item. Perfect for vinyl aficionados, collectors, and hardcore fans.

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