Ritmo Caliente

Eddie Palmieri

Ritmo Caliente
  • CAT # CCD-2180-25

    1. La Voz Del Caribe 5:22
    2. Grandpa Semi-Tone Blues 6:01
    3. Billie 3:29
    4. Lázaro Y Su Microfóno 8:30
    5. Ritmo Caliente II 4:09
    6. Tema Para Reneé 8:16
    7. Leapfrog To Harlem 6:25
    8. Gigue (Bach Goes Batá) 8:57
    9. Dime 4:46
    10. Sujétate La Lengua 6:11
    11. Lo Que Triago Es Sabroso II 5:24

If there's any artist in Latin jazz and salsa who unfailingly delivers Ritmo Caliente (hot rhythm), it's music legend Eddie Palmieri. At the forefront of salsa and Latin jazz for over 40 years, the pianist/arranger's passionate merging of undulating Afro-Caribbean rhythms with a spectrum of colorful jazz influences, makes for a lively music that's imminently thrilling. All fans of exciting music-from salseros to jazzers, from listeners to dancers-are sure to be infected with Eddie Palmieri's contagious Ritmo Caliente.

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