Road Trip

Girl Authority

Road Trip
  • CAT # 01143-1109-2

    1. Let's Get Together 2:53
    2. Holiday 4:41
    3. Life Is a Highway 3:54
    4. Rhythm of the World 3:44
    5. We Are Family 3:42
    6. Reach 3:49
    7. My Wild Side 2:56
    8. This Is My Day 3:10
    9. The Loco-Motion 3:18
    10. Vacation 2:53
    11. Car Wash (Girl Authority Mix) 3:50
    12. Shine 4:08
    13. Walking On Sunshine 3:51
    14. Here to Stay 3:14
    15. Dancin' in the Street 2:59
    16. This One's for the Girls 4:01
    17. Perfect Day 3:30
    18. Don't Stop 3:29
    19. Girl Authority 3:35

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Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life as nine bubbly girls sing their way across the USA and straight into your heart! From classic hits like 'The Loco-Motion' and 'Car Wash (Girl Authority Mix)' to chart-toppers of today like 'Life Is a Highway' and 'This One's For the Girls' . . . from songs parents remember fondly like 'Holiday' and 'Walking on Sunshine' to brand-new originals like the exuberantly poppy 'Let's Get Together' and the dance-fueled 'Rythym of the World' . . . Girl Authority invites you to join them on a trip to remember.

Family-friendly hits sung with girl-power exuberance! Take a ride to remember with nine bubbly girls performing both chart-topping hits of today and yesterday and original pop songs guaranteed to have you up on your feet dancing. It's a kid joyride, and YOU'RE invited to join the fun!

Other songs include: 'We are Family,' Reach,' My Wild Side,' 'This is My Day,' 'Vacation,' 'Shine,' 'Here to Stay,' 'Dancing in the Streets,' 'Perfect Day,' 'Don't Stop,' Girl Authority.'

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