Royal Brass: Brass Music From The Renaissance & Baroque

Empire Brass

Royal Brass Brass Music From The Renaissance Baroq
  • CAT # 80257-25

    1. Mouret: Rondeau 1:30
    2. Holborne: Five Pieces 9:15
    3. Palestrina: Ricercar del primo tuono 2:25
    4. Priuli: Canzone seconda a 6 2:44
    5. Schein: Paduana & Galliard 3:46
    6. Holborne: Elizabethian Dance Suite 6:03
    7. Scheidt: Canzona bergamasca 4:09
    8. Anonymous: Two 15th Century Fanfares 1:28
    9. J.S. Bach: March from Cantata 207a 1:30
    10. Albinoni: Suite in G major: I. Allegro 1:52
    11. Albinoni: Suite in G major: II. Grave 1:48
    12. Albinoni: Suite in G major: III. Allegro 1:36
    13. J.S. Bach: Trio Sonata in G major: I. Allegro ma non tanto 3:37
    14. J.S. Bach: Trio Sonata in G major: II. Adagio 3:22
    15. J.S. Bach: Trio Sonata in G major: III. Allegro moderato 2:53
    16. Handel: Aria 3:54
    17. Froberger: Toccata 5:12
    18. J.S. Bach: Fugue from Trio in Sonata in C major 2:58
    19. Pezel: Sarabande 2:08
    20. D. Scarlatti: Sonata No. 49 2:35

Empire Brass plays music from the Renaissance and Baroque transcribed for brass quintet.

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