Ruby's Torch

Nanci Griffith

Rubys Torch
  • CAT # 11661-3265-2

    1. When I Dream 3:29
    2. If These Walls Could Speak 3:40
    3. Ruby's Arms 5:28
    4. Never Be the Sun 3:57
    5. Bluer than Blue 3:18
    6. Brave Companion of the Road 3:29
    7. Grapefruit Moon 4:20
    8. Please Call Me, Baby 4:11
    9. Late Night Grande Hotel 2:53
    10. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 2:51
    11. Drops from the Faucet 4:07

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Nanci Griffith is widely acclaimed as one of the finest singer-songwriters of the past three decades, both for her poetic songs and her instantly recognizable voice, which combines wisdom and innocence in every phrase. But for her new album, Ruby's Torch, Nanci has assembled an exquisite collection of songs from other writers and recorded them in lush arrangements with strings, highlighting every nuance of her richly expressive singing. With songs penned by Tom Waits, Jimmy Webb, and even a tune from the repertoire of Frank Sinatra, plus stunning reinterpretations of her own classics 'Brave Companion of the Road' and 'Late Night Grande Hotel,' Ruby's Torch shows Nanci Griffith's unparalleled artistry in a whole new light.

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