Chronicle: Greatest Hits

The Emotions

Chronicle Greatest Hits
  • CAT # SCD-4121-25

    1. So I Can Love You 2:49
    2. The Best Part Of A Love Affair 3:30
    3. Stealing Love 3:14
    4. When Tomorrow Comes 3:05
    5. Heart Association 3:03
    6. You Make Me Want To Love You 3:17
    7. Show Me How 3:04
    8. My Honey And Me 3:35
    9. I Could Never Be Happy 3:32
    10. From Toys To Boys 2:30
    11. Runnin' Back (And Forth) 2:53
    12. Put A Little Love Away 5:15
    13. Baby, I'm Through 4:08
    14. Shouting Out Love 3:13

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