The Zone

Dave Weckl Band

The Zone
  • CAT # SCD2-9037-2

    1. Wet Skin 6:12
    2. Alegria 5:32
    3. High Life 7:48
    4. The Zone 6:10
    5. Wake Up 6:49
    6. Lucky Seven 5:57
    7. Tee Funk 7:03
    8. Rhythm Dance 6:01
    9. Serenalin 5:57
    10. Amanecer 8:29

Stretch Records and Carl Fischer are pleased to present The Zone, a special 2-disc package highlighting the recordings and drumming techniques of one of the most talented and awe-inspiring drummers in music today, Dave Weckl. Disc One is an audio CD compilation of some of the best tracks from Dave's three acclaimed Stretch Records recordings, and features two tracks previously released only in Japan. Disc Two is a DVD video sampler containing highlights from Dave's three instructional videos available from Carl Fischer, in which Dave provides insights into how to play effortlessly and organically (or "in the zone"), how to develop technique, how to practice, and how to develop your sound. Together, this audio CD and video DVD special package is an indispensable source of musical inspiration and valuable information for all drummers and drum aficionados! FEATURING: Dave Weckl - drums & percussion Tom Kennedy - electric bass Brandon Fields - tenor & soprano sax, alto flute Steve Weingart - keyboard

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