Jesus Gave Me Water

The Soul Stirrers

Jesus Gave Me Water
  • CAT # SPCD-7031-25

    1. Jesus Gave Me Water 2:29
    2. Christ Is All (No Overdubs) 2:47
    3. Come, Let Us Go Back To God 2:47
    4. I'm On The Firing Line (No Overdubs) 2:53
    5. How Far Am I From Canaan? (A Capella) 2:40
    6. Jesus Done Just What He Said (No Overdubs) 2:20
    7. He's My Rock (Wait On Jesus) 2:37
    8. Joy, Joy To My Soul (No Overdubs) 2:07
    9. I'm Gonna Build On That Shore (Unedited) 2:17
    10. Until Jesus Calls Me Home 2:41
    11. Jesus Will Lead Me To That Promised (Take 1) 2:39
    12. It Won't Be Very Long (Take 2) 2:32
    13. Let Me Go Home (Take 1) 2:36
    14. Someday Somewhere (Unedited) 3:04
    15. Jesus Paid The Debt 2:08
    16. End Of My Journey 2:50
    17. He's My Friend Until The End (Take 2) 3:01
    18. I Have A Friend Above All Others 2:18
    19. I'd Give Up All My Sins And Serve.. (No Overdubs) 2:27
    20. Come And Go To That Land (Take 3) 2:35
    21. I'm So Happy In The Service Of The (No Overdubs) 2:19
    22. Any Day Now (Take 6) 2:27
    23. Jesus I'll Never Forget (Take 5) 2:33
    24. All Right Now (Take 2) 1:45
    25. Pray (Incomplete) 1:36

This Compact Disc of early Sam Cooke gospel recordings with the Soul Stirrers makes an invaluable contribution to the legacy of one of the most original and influential vocal stylists of all time. Of the 25 selections, one is entirely new to disc, two are released for the first time without edits, and seven are alternate takes, including a gripping nearly four-minute meeting between Cooke and the awesome Julius Cheeks. The alternates, when compared to the originally issued versions, provide new insight into Cooke’s improvisatory genius. And six more tracks are made available for the first time ever without instrumental overdubs, revealing the rich harmonies of Cooke and the Soul Stirrers in all their naked glory.

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