Sad Pig Dance

Dave Evans

Sad Pig Dance
  • CAT # KMCD-3912-2

    1. Stagefright 3:46
    2. Chaplinesque 1:07
    3. The Train And The River 2:25
    4. Veronica 2:16
    5. Captain 2:32
    6. Knuckles And Buster 2:32
    7. Medley: Mole's Moan / The Gentle Man Trap 3:00
    8. Sad Pig Dance 1:28
    9. Raining Cats And Dogs 2:45
    10. Braziliana 1:45
    11. Sun And Moon 3:32
    12. Steppenwolf 2:46
    13. Morocco John 1:41
    14. Sneaky 4:03
    15. Whistling Milkman 1:52
    16. Insanity Rag 1:34
    17. Willie Me 1:57
    18. Tear Away 1:54
    19. Jessica 2:17
    20. Grey Hills 1:29
    21. Ugly Duckling 2:03
    22. Jolymont 2:59
    23. Cold Feet 1:36

One of the truly original voices of the contemporary guitar world is the English singer/songwriter/guitarist/composer Dave Evans. Sad Pig Dance was Evans's only all instrumental record, and its release in 1974 established his position in the front rank of English fingerpickers. Evans's unique harmonic and compositional sense underpins a wide variety of melodic ideas, and his guitar sound is huge. It is interesting to compare Dave Evans's work with what was to be done by New Age guitarists in the 1980s, who shared his interest in open tunings, percussive right-hand techniques, and other devices. Sad Pig Dance is a fascinating portrait of a musician who was not only ahead of the crowd but considered by many to be in a class by himself. The instrumental tracks from his later Take a Bite Out of Life, and Evans's contributions to the anthology Contemporary Guitar Workshop, have been included as bonus tracks.

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