Saint Saens: Symphony No. 3 "Organ" And Encores A La Francaise

Michael Murray

Saint Saens Symphony No 3 Organ And Encores A La F
  • CAT # 80634-25

    1. Saint-Saens: "Organ" Symphony: Adagio; allegro moderato poco adagio 19:23
    2. Saint-Saens: "Organ" Symphony: Allegro moderato, presto; maestoso allegro; motl adagio 15:41
    3. Couperin: Chacone in G minor 2:44
    4. Dupre: Carillon, Op. 27, No. 4 5:47
    5. Gigout: Scherzo 4:21
    6. Franck: Piece Heroique 8:45
    7. Widor: Toccata from Symphony No. 5, Op.42 5:23
    8. Bach: Sinfonia, from Cantata No. 29 ("We Thank Thee, Lord"), BWV 29 3:50
    9. Vierne: Final, Symphony No. 1, Op. 14 5:43
    10. Dupre: Musette, Op. 51 2:22
    11. Lemmens: Fanfare 1:46
Now available in 2-channel Soundstream SACD as well as the CD recording!
"Michael Murray's organ playing bespeaks a mastery and authority that matches the orchestra's... The closing section, in which organ and full orchestra play together, will exhilarate you..." —Digital Audio

The great organist Michael Murray's music can be heard like never before on this Soundstream SACD which features Saint-Saens' Symphony No. 3 and Encores a la francaise.

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