Sierra Hull

Secrets 11661 0601 2
  • CAT # 11661-0601-2

    1. Secrets 3:52
    2. From Now On 3:21
    3. Two Winding Rails 2:55
    4. Smashville 4:05
    5. Everybody's Somebody's Fool 2:43
    6. Pretend 3:24
    7. If You Can Tame My Heart 3:16
    8. That's All I Can Say 2:50
    9. The Hard Way 4:26
    10. Hullarious 3:18
    11. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 2:41
    12. Only My Heart 2:55
    13. Trust and Obey 2:32

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Sierra Hull is a rare talent: an artist who combines youthful intensity and energy with a sense of grace and maturity well beyond her years. Secrets, her national debut, features her fluidly, inventive mandolin playing and tender, wistful singing supported by a luminous cast of bluegrass masters. From full-on newgrass instrumentals to eloquent, heart-stopping ballads to playful modern bluegrass, Secrets heralds the arrival of a fresh, important new voice onto today's bluegrass scene.

Co-produced by Sierra Hull and Ron Block (Union Station), and featuring Block, Barry Bales, Dennis Crouch, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Clay Hess, Rob Ickes, Chris Jones, Jason Moore, Tony Rice, Dan Tyminski, Jim VanCleve, and Cory Walker.

'With Secrets, Sierra Hull takes charge and leads the band with full authority. Her vocals are effortless and straight to the point, while keeping the focus on melody. Her mandolin playing is smooth, in time, and downright slippery. It's amazing to listen to her precision and agility, and the potential for musical growth is tremendous. I can't wait to hear what Sierra comes up with next. Every so often, a talent comes along that makes us sit up and take notice. That time is now for Sierra Hull.'
-Sam Bush

'Sierra is a remarkably talented, beautiful human being. Success could not come to a more worthy person. I adore her.'
-Alison Krauss

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