Isaac Hayes

  • CAT # SCD-88002-25

    1. Theme From Shaft 4:40
    2. Bumpy's Lament 1:49
    3. Walk From Regio's 2:22
    4. Ellie's Love Theme 3:15
    5. Shaft's Cab Ride 1:07
    6. Cafe Regio's 6:09
    7. Early Sunday Morning 3:47
    8. Be Yourself 4:27
    9. A Friend's Place 3:21
    10. Soulsville 3:47
    11. No Name Bar 6:09
    12. Bumpy's Blues 4:01
    13. Shaft Strikes Again 3:04
    14. Do Your Thing 19:31
    15. The End Theme 1:56

Shaft is Isaac Hayes's crowning achievement. Besides being one of the most successful soundtrack albums of all time--spending over a year on Billboard's pop album chart, which it also topped--it opened the door for a number of other r&b artists, including Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, and Norman Whitfield, to write for motion pictures. Besides such memorable tunes as "Ellie's Love Theme," "Soulville," the Wes Montgomery inspired "Cafe Regio's," and the nearly 20-minute funk opus "Do Your Thing," the double-disc album includes the classic "Theme from Shaft," itself a No. 1 pop hit. The song earned Hayes an Oscar for "Best Song," while the album won him a Grammy for "Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture."

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