Side Effect / What You Need

Side Effect

Side Effect What You Need
  • CAT # FCD-24774-25

    1. Baby Love (Love You Baby) 3:56
    2. Oh Baby 2:25
    3. There She Goes Again 5:01
    4. What The Heck, Let's Discotheque 4:52
    5. Spend It On Love 3:37
    6. Checkin' It Out 2:52
    7. I Love You So Much 4:30
    8. Dancin' Shoes 4:00
    9. Tree Of Love 3:14
    10. Always There 5:07
    11. Keep That Same Old Feeling 3:43
    12. Time Has No Ending 3:55
    13. S.O.S. 4:06
    14. Honky Tonk Scat 3:45
    15. Finally Found Someone 2:53
    16. Changes 3:36
    17. Life Is What You Make It 2:54
    18. I Know You Can 6:28

Side Effect changed female leads with practically every album, all the while maintaining a sophisticated jazz-imbued sound that transcended the disco market at which it aimed. The soul vocal group's eponymous 1975 first release for Fantasy Records featured Sylvia Nabors alongside stalwarts Augie Johnson, Gregory Matta, and Louis Patton. That disc is herein coupled with the quartet's 1976 sophomore Fantasy effort, What You Need, on which Nabors was replaced by Helen LaRue Lowe (who'd begun her recording career a decade earlier as 13-year-old soul singer Little Helen and, after Side Effect, reemerged as gospel star Helen Baylor). Sylvia St. James and Miki Howard were future leads, but the Lowe edition was the most successful, giving Side Effect the biggest of its nine R&B chart hits with the No. 22 "Keep That Same Old Feeling." That catchy tune was penned by the group's producer, trombonist Wayne Henderson, who'd initially recorded it some months earlier with the Crusaders--and, using the pseudonym "Big Daddy," solos on the Side Effect version.

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