Silken Soul

Jack McDuff

Silken Soul
  • CAT # PRCD-24242-25

    1. Around The Corner 6:51
    2. For Those Who Choose 4:11
    3. Haitian Lady 5:50
    4. There Is No Greater Love 6:25
    5. Song Of The Soul 4:25
    6. The Live People 4:21
    7. Almost Like Being In Love 5:49
    8. Stop It 6:13
    9. More (Theme From Mondo Cane) 6:32
    10. That's When We Thought Of Love 4:26
    11. How High The Moon 6:24
    12. Chicken Feet 2:35
    13. Silk 'n' Soul 8:02

For 40 years--and counting--Brother Jack McDuff has been at the forefront of jazz organ, both artistically and commercially. Though organ/tenor saxophone/guitar groups were sometimes snubbed by the jazz critics of the 1960s, there was no denying McDuff’s formidability at the Hammond B-3, that his bands cooked as scorchingly as any (then or now), and that his records sold steadily and made people feel good. McDuff (1926-2001) also made it his business to hire the hottest guitarists while they were on the rise, dynamic players like Grant Green, George Benson, and Pat Martino. This set’s repertoire, surveying seven Prestige LPs made in the mid-to-late 1960s, features the young Martino on 11 cuts, Benson on the other two, and almost 70 minutes of the blues-dipped standards, funk and Latin grooves, and soul burnin’ with which McDuff still packs them in.

with George Benson, Joe Dukes, Larry Gales, Red Holloway, Pat Martino, Montego Joe, Harold Ousley

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