Sings Gordon Lightfoot

Tony Rice

Sings Gordon Lightfoot
  • CAT # 11661-0370-2

    1. Go My Way 2:48
    2. Home From The Forest 4:10
    3. Fine As Fine Can Be 3:23
    4. Let It Ride 2:59
    5. I'm Not Sayin' 2:16
    6. Bitter Green 2:43
    7. You Are What I Am 2:17
    8. Shadows 3:42
    9. Walls 1:58
    10. Whispers Of The North 4:17
    11. Ten Degrees 2:13
    12. Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald 4:59
    13. Early Morning Rain 3:02
    14. Whisper My Name 3:20
    15. Sixteen Miles 2:39
    16. Cold on the Shoulder 2:33
    17. Song for A Winter's Night 3:08

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When Gordon Lightfoot's music first blew down from Canada in the mid-'60s, it hit American folk and country music like some clean prairie wind. It must have been a similar feeling when bluegrass fans first heard the guitar of Tony Rice. Tony calls Lightfoot his favorite songwriter and has in turn become Lightfoot's finest interpreter, always including his tunes in shows and albums. Finally, after years of clamoring by fans and friends, here is the full Rice/Lightfoot collection in one compelling package, proving that no one understands Lightfoot's magnetic mix of drive, melodic grace and naturalistic verse better than Tony Rice. --from the notes by Scott Alarik All of these recordings are previously issued except 'Whispers of the North.'

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