Smooth Sailing

Arnett Cobb

Smooth Sailing
  • CAT # OJCCD-323-2

    1. Charmaine 4:23
    2. Cobb's Mobb 4:44
    3. (I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance 6:06
    4. Let's Split 3:44
    5. Blues Around Dusk 8:18
    6. Smooth Sailing 5:01
    7. (I'm Left With The) Blues In My Heart 2:09

Arnett Cobb was living in New Jersey and working his small band Cobb's Mob during the time the Prestige dates were made. Most of his dates featured him as the only horn or as a part of a multi-tenor lineup. This session is unusual since it features some of the players who actually played gigs with him.
Cobb's ballad mastery is apparent on "Ghost of a Chance" and "Blues in My Heart." Also of interest is the work of Buster Cooper, rarely heard in a small-group blowing session, and the rock-solid bass work of George Duvivier, a graduate of Cobb's band of the early Fifties.

with Buster Cooper, Austin Mitchell, George Duvivier, Osie Johnson

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