Somebody Else, Not Me

Dave Van Ronk

Somebody Else Not Me
  • CAT # 18964-1065-2

    1. Michigan Water Blues 3:05
    2. Somebody Else, Not Me 4:04
    3. Old Hannah 5:41
    4. The Entertainer 4:58
    5. Did You Hear John Hurt? 3:13
    6. Old Blue 3:50
    7. Sportin' Life 3:43
    8. Casey Jones 4:47
    9. Pastures of Plenty 4:28
    10. Song to Woody 3:56

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Somebody Else, Not Me has improved like a fine wine with the passage of time. Dave has many gifts as a musician and interpreter, but his greatest may be his taste in material. Most of the songs here are folk-blues classics, and they give the album an ageless, eternal quality.' --Elijah Wald, from his liner notes

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