Speechless: The Instrumental Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn

Speechless The Instrumental Bruce Cockburn
  • CAT # 11661-3250-2

    1. Foxglove 1:28
    2. Train in the Rain 3:42
    3. Water Into Wine 5:33
    4. Elegy 4:05
    5. Mistress of Storms 6:08
    6. Rouler Sa Bosse 3:46
    7. Salt Sun and Time 3:09
    8. Islands in a Black Sky 7:37
    9. Rise and Fall 8:15
    10. Sunrise on the Mississippi 3:00
    11. King Kong Goes to Tallahassee 3:04
    12. When It's Gone It's Gone 4:17
    13. Deep Lake 6:47
    14. The End Of All Rivers 5:53
    15. Sunwheel Dance 1:43

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So pronounced is Bruce Cockburn's reputation as a celebrated singer-songwriter that it's easy to overlook the fact that Cockburn is also an exceptional guitarist. Speechless should change all that. A collection of previously recorded and brand new instrumental tracks, the album puts the spotlight squarely on Cockburn's brilliant acoustic guitar playing. Despite its absence of words, 'Speechless' is highly expressive. Ranging from some of his earliest numbers to three recent compositions, the album showcases the breadth of Cockburn's eclectic guitar style. There's a strong cinematic quality to much of the album, whether it's in pieces from the 1970s like the haunting 'Islands in a Black Sky' and the cascading 'Water into Wine,' or else in 1990s instrumentals such as the emotional 'When It's Gone It's Gone' and the ambient 'Mistress of Storms.'

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