Spring Fever

Chuck & Gap Mangione

Spring Fever MP3
  • CAT # OJCCD-767-25

    1. First Waltz 7:12
    2. What's New? 5:51
    3. Spring Fever 7:04
    4. Brooks' Brothers 5:22
    5. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise 9:17
    6. Not Too Serious 6:01

Spring Fever reminds us that there have always been jazz brothers, jazz youth, and vital regional jazz centers. Chuck and Gap Mangione, on trumpet and piano respectively, were promising siblings at the time of this 1961 recording; and their Jazz Brothers quintet, featuring future Woody Herman star Sal Nistico on tenor, was a precocious unit drawn primarily from the upstate New York area. This band was strong in all chairs (note, for instance, the muscular bass lines and effective compositions of Frank Pullara), and represents a vivid snapshot of where the hard-bop idiom was at in the early Sixties.

with Sal Nistico, Frank Pullara, Vinnie Ruggieri

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This is the record that astonished the jazz world when it was released in early 1961. Six unknown, very young men based in upstate New York played… More