Steps To The Desert

Shelly Manne

Steps To The Desert
  • CAT # CCD-7609-25

    1. Hava Nagila 2:47
    2. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen 3:07
    3. Yossel, Yossel 3:02
    4. Zamar Nodad 2:30
    5. Bokrei Lachish 5:30
    6. Tzena 2:22
    7. Exodus 2:25
    8. Die Greene Koseene 4:25
    9. My Yiddishe Momme 3:36
    10. Orcha Bamidbar(steps To The Desert) 4:14
    11. Zamar Nodad 2:30
    12. Exodus 2:25
    13. Tzena 2:22
    14. Hava Nagila 2:47

with Shorty Rogers, Teddy Edwards, Victor Feldman, Al Viola, Monty Budwig

Recorded December 17-20, 1962.

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