Still The Same Me

Sweet Honey In The Rock

Still The Same Me
  • CAT # 11661-8100-2

    1. Tuwe Tuwe 1:35
    2. Nature Song 2:10
    3. I Love to Laugh 2:14
    4. Improv Time! - Rhythm Slam! 1:10
    5. Oh My Goodness, Look at This Mess! 3:19
    6. Improv Time! - Nyoko Boko (It Is For Us) 2:21
    7. We're Almost Home 3:43
    8. We Shall Not Be Moved 2:21
    9. Improv Time! - Georgia Red Clay 2:17
    10. Way Down Deep 4:19
    11. Improv Time! - African Oasis 2:22
    12. Still the Same Me 1:59
    13. Improv Time! - Solid Gold 2:14
    14. Still Gotta Get Up in the Morning 1:36
    15. Time 2:24
    16. Improv Time! - Rhythm Slam! - Your Turn 1:31
    17. Goodnight 3:38

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Using only their voices and percussion instruments and accompanied occasionally by a chorus of children, Sweet Honey In The Rock have created an extraordinarily soulful, uplifting and entertaining collection of songs and improvisations for children. This Grammy Award-winning African American female ensemble fills the album with positive messages, conveying them both subtly and right up-front. Sing along, dance along, play along or just listen - Sweet Honey In The Rock will inspire children and parents alike.

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