Stone Blues

Ken Mclntyre

Stone Blues MP3
  • CAT # OJCCD-1818-25

    1. Stone Blues 11:44
    2. Cornballs 4:21
    3. Blanche 6:00
    4. Mellifluous 7:14
    5. Smax 5:07
    6. Charshee 4:39
    7. I'll Close My Eyes 5:53

Like his friend Eric Dolphy, with whom he would record a month after this session, Makanda Ken McIntyre (1931-2001) was a masterful multi-reedman who expanded the vernacular of Charlie Parker. Stone Blues, McIntyre’s second date as a leader (and featuring fellow Bostonian Bobby Ward, long a local legend, on drums), simultaneously looked forward and back--reveling in the joys of blowing on the changes while venturing into the relatively uncharted harmonic and tonal territories of the times.

with John Mancebo Lewis, Dizzy Sal, Paul Morrison, Bobby Ward

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Ken McIntyre came up after Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy but before the large influx of avant-gardists in the mid-and late-Sixties. His phrasing… More