Straight From The Heart

The Rance Allen Group

Straight From The Heart
  • CAT # SCD-8589-25

    1. Joy 3:55
    2. Security 4:09
    3. California Gold (Keeps Calling Me) 4:03
    4. I Belong To You 3:29
    5. Stand Up For Love 4:22
    6. You Can Take My Music (But You Can't Take My Song) 3:57
    7. I Found A Friend 3:39
    8. The Wheel Of Life 3:56
    9. White Christmas 2:48
    10. Lying On The Truth 3:39
    11. I Know Who 4:12
    12. Reach Out 2:30
    13. Candle In The Dark 3:38

Rance Allen ranks as a pioneer, having introduced soul and rock elements into the gospel music canon and devised astonishing new ways of extending the possibilities of the human voice that would influence a generation of other singers. By making nonspecific reference to the Supreme Being, he also pioneered the type of "message" songs that are now a staple of urban contemporary gospel. This compact disc reissue of his 1978 Straight from the Heart album contains his biggest hit, the hauntingly beautiful "I Belong to You," as well as five bonus tracks, three of them previously unissued. His music and messages are powerful, and clearly ahead of their time.

Joy, Security, California Gold (Keeps Calling Me), I Belong to You, Stand Up for Love, You Can Take My Music (But You Can't Take My Song), I Found a Friend, The Wheel of Life, plus CD bonus tracks White Christmas, Lying on the Truth, I Know Who, Reach Out, Candle in the Dark

with Gregory Levias, Gregory Crockett, David Pruitt, Romeo Williams, Kenneth Elliott, Robert Zimmitti

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