Lee Konitz

Subconscious Lee
  • CAT # OJCCD-186-25

    1. Progression 2:54
    2. Tautology 2:53
    3. Retrospection 3:08
    4. Subconscious-Lee 2:48
    5. Judy 2:54
    6. Marshmallow 2:53
    7. Fishin' Around 3:46
    8. Tautology 2:53
    9. Sound-Lee 4:06
    10. Rebecca 3:03
    11. You Go To My Head 3:26
    12. Ice Cream Konitz 2:42
    13. Palo Alto 2:32

Along with the recordings the Lennie Tristano Sextet made for Capitol, the four sessions that make up this CD form the definitive statement from the Tristano "salon," establishing the blind, Chicago-born pianist and his foremost disciples, Konitz and Marsh, as a force and influence on the jazz of the 1950s.

with Lennie Tristano, Billy Bauer, Warne Marsh, Sal Mosca, Arnold Fishkin, Shelly Manne, Denzil Best, Jeff Morton

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Recorded in performance at the Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, CA; October 20, 21, and 22, 2000.



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