The Emotions

  • CAT # SCD-8590-25

    1. Shouting Out Love 3:13
    2. Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) 2:53
    3. I Really Miss You 3:15
    4. Ain't No Sunshine 16:50
    5. Runnin' Back (And Forth) 2:53
    6. Anyway You Look At It 3:50
    7. Baby, I'm Through 4:08
    8. Innocent 3:07
    9. Put A Little Love Away 5:15
    10. I've Fallen In Love 2:40
    11. I Wanna Come Back 3:23
    12. Peace Be Still 2:57
    13. What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? 3:27
    14. I Call This Loving You 3:05

Chicago’s heavenly harmonizing Emotions were known as the Hutchinson Sunbeams during their days on the gospel circuit, thus the title of this 1977 Stax album. Sunshine! contains that year’s hit single “Shouting Out Love,” along with such other compelling selections as “Baby, I’m Through,” “Innocent,” and an especially tender treatment of Carla Thomas’s “Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes).” This reissue is completed by five bonus tracks, including a gripping 1972 live rendition of the gospel “Peace Be Still.” It was from such emotion-stirring performances that the group’s name was derived.

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This 1996 reissue coincides with the reemergence from a decade of inactivity of one of the most successful female soul vocal groups of all time… More
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