Swing Out
  • CAT # MCGJ1030-25

    1. Swing Out 6:53
    2. Each Day 5:42
    3. Something Else 5:14
    4. Swangalang 9:30
    5. Beyond The Limit 5:30
    6. Minuano 7:46
    7. My Shining Hour 7:16
    8. Freedom Song 7:35
    9. Someday My Prince Will Come 8:14

Broadening the musical scope of the Bob Mintzer Big Band is Swing Out (MCGJ 1030), the latest of several recordings with MCG Jazz. This album further explores big band tradition, contemporary classical music and Latin rhythms, combined with conversational big band writing and small band sensibility. The CD includes six original compositions by Mintzer, including “Swing Out,” the cult favorite “Swang-a-lang,” and the moving tune “Freedom Song” about individual freedom to create art, beauty and jazz. Other tunes on the album arranged by Mintzer include Arlen/Mercer’s “My Shining Hour,” and a unique, decomposition treatment of “Someday My Prince Will Come.”

Diversification has always been a driving force behind Bob Mintzer and his music. Aside from being a tenor and soprano saxophonist, Mintzer also plays flute, clarinet, EWI, and is world-renowned as a composer, arranger and educator. He has been active in the jazz, pop, orchestra, Latin, and world music genres. “I’ve always been intrigued by the differences and similarities between cultures and their respective art forms,” says Mintzer.

The next big move for Mintzer is to Los Angeles. The lifetime New Yorker has accepted a position at USC to teach arranging and lead the big band. Fellow jazz greats, John Clayton, Peter Erskine, Alan Pasqua and Russell Ferrante are also on staff at USC. With this move, Swing Out takes on an added element of anticipation – will there be a West Coast version of the band assembled? Rest assured, the East Coast band’s configuration remains intact. After 20 years, the spectacular band that created Swing Out isn’t going anywhere.

Kurt Elling, the band’s regular vocalist for the last several years makes an appearance on the Pat Metheny tune “Minuano,” and true to form, takes the music to another level. Elling, critically acclaimed jazz vocalist and multi-Grammy nominee, combines vocalese and high-energy scatting. His deep appreciation of the classic jazz songbook has re-energized the art of jazz singing for a new generation.

“‘Swing out’ is a jazz term used to suggest making the music really swing…with honesty, conviction, and positive energy to make the music feel good,” says Mintzer. “Swing out also implies that one take some chances, write and play things that are outside the norm or not necessarily within the confines of a particular musical category. This recording attempts to make the music swing and simultaneously take it to some different places. It’s a great honor to work with a band of musicians who are so adept at playing with such a great sense of swing while having the knowledge and courage to ‘take it out.’”

The Bob Mintzer Big Band is comprised of Bob Mintzer – Tenor Saxophone, Peter Yellin – Lead Alto Saxophone, Lawrence Feldman – Alto Saxophone, Bob Malach – Tenor Saxophone, Roger Rosenberg – Baritone Saxophone, Bob Millikan – Lead Trumpet, Frank Greene – Trumpet, Scott Wendholt – Trumpet, Jim Rotondi – Trumpet, Keith O’Quinn – Trombone, Mike Davis – Trombone, Larry Farrell – Trombone, Dave Taylor – Bass Trombone, Phil Markowitz – Piano, Jay Anderson – Bass, and John Riley – Drums.

Swing Out marks the band’s third recording for MCG Jazz. With the addition of Kurt Elling, this recording reflects the best experience the listener can have outside of encountering the Bob Mintzer Big Band in a live setting.

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