Swings Cohn & Kahn

Elliot Lawrence Big Band

Swings Cohn Kahn
  • CAT # FCD-24761-25

    1. TNT 4:18
    2. Blue Room 3:09
    3. Who Fard That Shot? 3:09
    4. My Heart Stood Still 3:12
    5. Jeepers Creepers 2:49
    6. Blues Alley 3:30
    7. Between The Devil & The Deep Blue 3:24
    8. Pounce 3:39
    9. Tenderly 3:29
    10. Snapped Cup 2:28
    11. Moten Swing 4:01
    12. El's Bells 2:49
    13. Alone Together 4:31
    14. Maybe 2:29
    15. Good Wood 2:58
    16. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 3:33
    17. Handmade 2:40
    18. Cupcake 2:55
    19. Music For Swingin' Dancers 3:26
    20. Ivy Walk 2:37
    21. Hackin' Around 3:09
    22. Mood Midnight 3:43
    23. Nightfall 2:55
    24. Jazz Lullaby 2:31

This collection of recordings by the Elliot Lawrence band features generous amounts of the work of Tiny Kahn, Johnny Mandel, and Al Cohn, arrangers who in the 1950s set standards by which writers of jazz are still judged. In addition, it presents some of the music's finest soloists: saxophonists Cohn, Zoot Sims, and Hal McKusick; trumpeters Nick Travis and Ernie Royal; and trombonists Eddie Bert and Urbie Green. Straddling the fields of commercial music and jazz, Lawrence provided music for radio and television shows and, often, for dancing. He played piano and was himself an arranger, but his primary role with the band was as a leader and catalyst organizing and encouraging the efforts of his talented writers and sidemen. The result of the free hand he allowed them was some of the most stimulating big band music of the era.

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Elliot Lawrence's band came out of Philadelphia and radio station WCAU to become a nationally known organization in the late Forties and Fifties… More