Citadels Of Mystery

Bernie Krause

Citadels Of Mystery
  • CAT # TAKCD-6512-25

    1. Machu Picchu Suite: Festival Of The Sun 6:11
    2. Machu Picchu Suite: Heights Of Machu Picchu 3:58
    3. Machu Picchu Suite: Flight To Urubamba 4:58
    4. Jambo, Jambo 7:08
    5. Stonehenge: A Mid-Summer's Day Dream 3:29
    6. Citadel, Ay Bobo 5:09

A vital and curious musical fusion of what today might be deemed as tribal-new-age-exotica-jazz-world-music, Bernie Krause’s Citadels of Mystery was decades ahead of its time on many levels. Originally best known as a pioneer in the field of electronic music, Krause was one of the major players in the introduction of the synthesizer into the music, films, and broadcast media; contributed to the soundtracks of such landmark productions as Apocalypse Now, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Love Story, and Rosemary's Baby. On this recording he assembled a crack team of jazz and ethnic percussionists including Andy Narell, Kenneth Nash, Mel Martin, Glenn Cronkhite, and George Marsh to accompany his synthesizer-shaded, impressionistic compositions. The results sound as fresh and surprising today as they did nearly 30 years ago, when they were recorded.

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