Robbie Basho

  • CAT # TAKCD-8913-25

    1. The Falconer's Arm 9:46
    2. Lost Lagoon Suite 12:11
    3. Pavan Hindustan 6:13
    4. Song Of The Snowy Ranges 8:30
    5. Pasha 9:01
    6. North American Raga (The Plumstar) 11:26
    7. Roses And Snow 7:49
    8. The Hajj 8:15
    9. Khatum 2:15

Of all the young guitarists who recorded for Takoma in the Sixties and Seventies, Robbie Basho was the least influenced by label founder John Fahey. In an age when nonconformity was exalted, Basho qualified as a true eccentric, and the way he played the guitar and sang was unique. His fascination with things Oriental led him to take his name from a Japanese poet, and the influence of Indian classical music is often palpable in his guitar work. But Basho's use of this influence is original; like any artist, he takes what suits his needs to create the right atmosphere for his own creations to blossom. This overview of Basho's Takoma recordings was conceived by Fahey, whose evocative reminiscences greatly enhance our appreciation of a unique character and musician.

The Falconer's Arm, Lost Lagoon Suite, Pavan Hindustan, Song of the Snowy Ranges, Pasha, A North American Raga (The Plumstar), Roses and Snow, The Hajj, Khatum

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