Talk That Talk

Johnny "Hammond" Smith

Talk That Talk MP3
  • CAT # PRCD-24151-25

    1. Talk That Talk 5:09
    2. An Affair To Remember 2:32
    3. The End Of A Love Affair 5:22
    4. Minors Allowed 5:43
    5. Rip Tide 4:46
    6. Misty 4:01
    7. Benny's Diggin' 4:58
    8. Portrait Of Jennie 2:22
    9. Swanee River 8:56
    10. Just Say So Long 4:00
    11. Lid Flippin' 5:14
    12. Gettin' The Message 7:11
    13. Princess 5:27
    14. Dementia 5:16

Johnny “Hammond” Smith was the most subtle of the organists to emerge in the 1950s, as he displays on the two sessions combined on this compact disc. He also possessed the most lyrical gift as a composer, which tracks as diverse as “Bennie’s Diggin’,” “Just Say So Long,” and “Dementia” bear out; as well as the flexibility to work in a variety of ensemble contexts. Here he hosts separate encounters with two musicians he had proven his mettle with on Oliver Nelson’s Taking Care of Business (OJC-1784). Nelson himself is a featured guest on three tracks where Smith works with bass (the great George Tucker) but no guitar, plus Ray Barretto’s congas; while vibraphonist Lem Winchester creates a most winning and unusual blend with the organist on the second session.

with Oliver Nelson, George Tucker, Arthur Taylor, Ray Barretto, Lem Winchester, Eddie McFadden, Wendell Marshall, Bill Erskine

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