That's My Kick/Gemini

Erroll Garner

Thats My KickGemini
  • Release Date: 01 Aug 1994
  • Label: TELARC
  • Genre: JAZZ
  • CAT # 83332-25

    1. That's My Kick 2:46
    2. The Shadow of Your Smile 3:56
    3. Like It Is 2:43
    4. It Ain't Necessarily So 3:31
    5. Autumn Leaves 3:21
    6. Blue Moon 2:47
    7. More 2:54
    8. Gaslight 4:28
    9. Nervous Waltz 3:24
    10. Passing Through 2:36
    11. Afinidad 2:53
    12. How High the Moon 5:06
    13. It Could Happen to You 3:47
    14. Gemini 4:03
    15. When a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry 6:24
    16. Tea for Two 5:27
    17. Something 1:50
    18. Eldorado 5:47
    19. These Foolish Things 7:00

Garner's impact as a pianist since he emerged on the scene in the mid-forties is legendary. He has been recognized internationally and has received numerous awards for his originality and unique style. Now, almost 2 decades after his death in 1977, his influence continues to show in the playing of many pianists on the current scene. Gemini portrays the duality of Garner in several ways. Born a twin, he was ambidextrous, and in this collection Garner plays both the piano and harpsichord. That's My Kick includes five original compositions by Garner. His work as a composer has burgeoned since his landmark opus Misty, which he wrote and recorded in 1954. The release of these first two albums (one CD) is the first in a series of six CDs that will be treasured by long-time Garner fans, as well as new listeners.

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