The Arrival Of Victor Feldman

Victor Feldman

The Arrival Of Victor Feldman
  • CAT # OJCCD-268-25

    1. Serpent's Tooth 3:24
    2. Waltz 5:00
    3. Chasing Shadows 3:15
    4. Flamingo 4:21
    5. S'posin' 6:09
    6. Bebop 2:43
    7. (There Is No) Greater Love 3:39
    8. Too Blue 4:10
    9. Minor Lament 3:55
    10. Satin Doll 3:57

The multi-talented Victor Feldman (1934-1987) was heard from as a child prodigy drummer when he was still living in his native England. By the time he came to America he was also accomplished on vibes and piano, as he shows in his first U.S. album as leader. The potent trio is filled out by the then-21-year-old bassist Scott LaFaro, making his recording debut, long before he would be known as a key member of the Bill Evans trio; and Stan Levey, veteran of 52nd Street (Parker, Gillespie, Pettiford, et al.) and the big band of Stan Kenton, whom he had left in 1954 to settle in California. This CD really “arrives” on the wings of repertory consisting of Ellington, Gillespie, Chopin, and Feldman.

with Scott LaFaro, Stan Levey

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