The Axelrod Chronicles

David Axelrod

The Axelrod Chronicles
  • CAT # FCD-9685-25

    1. Get Up Off Your Knees 3:40
    2. Cast Your Fate To The Wind 3:28
    3. You're So Vain 4:22
    4. My Family 4:46
    5. Mucho Chupar 3:15
    6. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing 3:47
    7. It Ain't For You 4:27
    8. Everything Counts 6:56
    9. Cantaro 4:02
    10. Solitario 5:51
    11. Gonna Give Lovin' A Try 3:17
    12. Stayin' Place 3:14
    13. Quit It 3:49
    14. Bach 3:00
    15. Sierra Morena 3:53
    16. Goodbye, So Long 4:29

As an arranger, producer, and songwriter, David Axelrod played an important and innovative role in R&B and jazz during the Sixties and Seventies. Now, decades later, beat archaeologists--from Lauryn Hill to hiphop and rare-groove DJs around the globe--are mining his old records for their huge orchestral sweeps, pounding polyrhythms, and blazing breaks. The Axelrod Chronicles combines the socially conscious Southern California musician’s highly coveted Heavy Axe album from 1974 with a sampling of his forward-thinking work with other artists from that period. Featured in the supporting cast are such stellar instrumentalists and vocalists as George Duke, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Joe Williams, and Randy Crawford.

DAVID AXELROD: Get Up Off Your Knees, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, You’re So Vain, My Family, Mucho Chupar, Don’t You Worry ’Bout a Thing, It Ain’t for You, Everything Counts; GENE AMMONS: Cántaro, Solitario; JULIAN “CANNONBALL” ADDERLEY from “BIG MAN”: Gonna Give Lovin’ a Try (vocal by Randy Crawford), Stayin’ Place (vocal by Joe Williams); NAT ADDERLEY: Quit It; HAMPTON HAWES: Bach, Sierra Morena; FUNK, INC.: Goodbye, So Long

Recorded between 1973 & 1974.

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