The Blackbyrds

The Blackbyrds

The Blackbyrds
  • CAT # FCD-24744-25

    1. Do It, Fluid 5:26
    2. Gut Level 4:08
    3. Reggins 4:04
    4. The Runaway 4:13
    5. Funky Junkie 7:01
    6. Summer Love 5:09
    7. Life Styles 3:13
    8. A Hot Day Today 3:16
    9. I Need You 5:30
    10. The Baby 5:18
    11. Love Is Love 4:47
    12. Blackbyrds' Theme 4:06
    13. Walking In Rhythm 4:12
    14. Future Children, Future Hopes 4:41
    15. April Showers 3:51
    16. Spaced Out 6:11

Trumpeter Donald Byrd always had a keen ear for talent. He discovered Herbie Hancock in the early Sixties and, a decade later, organized six of his students at Howard University into a band he called the Blackbyrds, after his then-recent hit fusion album, Black Byrd. They were masters of jazz-funk fusion or "acid jazz," as it's known today, but also had strong pop sensibilities. Their debut album contained the No. 23 R&B, No. 69 pop single "Do It, Fluid," while the second yielded an across-the-board smash in the No. 4 R&B, No. 6 pop "Walking in Rhythm." Rare grooves from those two classic Blackbyrd albums have been widely sampled by such hip-hop artists as Queen Latifah and UTFO and can now be experienced for the first time on compact disc in their original glory.

Do It, Fluid; Gut Level, Reggins, The Runaway, Funky Junkie, Summer Love, Life Styles, A Hot Day Today, I Need You, The Baby, Love Is Love, Blackbyrds' Theme, Walking in Rhythm; Future Children, Future Hopes; April Showers, Spaced Out

Allan Barnes, Barney Perry, Kevin Toney, Joe Hall, Keith Killgo, Perk Jacobs

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